Technical data       
Typ VM 951 LVM 1251 L
Mixing capacity*7,58,59,510,011,012,5
Width with one discharge doorm2,262,38
Width with two discharge doorsm2,362,48
Outer wheel widthm1,901,90
Discharge heightm0,540,54
Distance middle towing eye - middle axlem4,484,48
Tare weight
Basic machine fromkg3.1503.2003.2503.7003.7603.820
Gross vehicle weight rating
Towbar loadkg2.5002.500
Technically permitted total weight 15 km/h single axlekg8.7008.700
Power requirement 
without 2-speed gearbox 26 rpmPS353942505256
with 2-speed gearbox 14,4/26 rpmPS252830353840
without 2-speed gearbox 30 rpmPS444751676973
with 2-speed gearbox 16,7/30 rpmPS323437475056
Wheel trackmm1.6501.650
thickness of container wallmm88
bottom platemm1820
Length of container inside dimension incl. overflow ringm2,632,93
Height of vehocöe (single axle) depending on size of wheels
30 x 11.5 - 14,5m2,112,352,532,402,582,76
250-15 18(18 PR)m2,122,302,482,402,582,76
10.0/75-15.3 (18 PR)m2,182,362,54-
400/60-15.5 (18 PR)m2,172,353,532,462,642,82
* Usable mixing volume: Augers are deducted from the volume**A modification of the height by + 6 cm (high version) respectively - 6 cm (low version) is possible due to a change of the axle position. At time of delivery

Illustrations, technical data and weights are subject to change due to technical progress and are therefore not binding for the delivery.