Precision & performance

– The new PS universal spreaders


B. Strautmann & Söhne GmbH u. Co. KG is presenting a new universal spreader series – spreaders for professional users focussing on precision, performance and versatile use.


PS 3401


With its new PS series, Strautmann is presenting the perfect universal spreader for professional contractors and large businesses. At the moment, Strautmann offers this series in two different sizes with a gross vehicle weight rating of 22 t and 34 t and a capacity of 20 m3 and 33 m3. The technical design of the series models is always identical, only the chassis and the length of the machines are different.




The top model of the series, the PS 3401, was already presented by Strautmann at the DeLuTa 2012. A spreader of maximum performance and precision, equipped with an optional hydro-pneumatic chassis providing optimum driving comfort and maximum protection of soil.


Optional weighing device

PS 2201

PS 2201 The universal spreaders of the PS series can be equipped with an optional weighing device and ISOBUS control. The ISOBUS control with the weighing system ensures discharge of valuable spreading materials straight to the point where the soil structure needs them. That is what makes the Strautmann PS series Precision Farming compliant. Professional users can rely on facts and do not have to be satisfied with estimates regarding the discharge quantities of valuable fertiliser. The spreaders not only achieve best results when handling manure and compost, but also when processing earth-moist lime.


Robust spreading unit, easy to maintain


The spreading unit of the PS series impresses with its reliability and low maintenance. High-quality fine-grained steel and Hardox constructional steels at the spreading unit ensure long service life of the components.

Large-sized drives and safety devices


Large-sized cardan shafts, gearboxes, cam-type cut-out clutches and safety circuits with speed monitoring ensure low-maintenance, reliable powering of the spreading unit of the transport floor. Speed monitoring and intuitive operator guidance help even untrained drivers to quickly become professionals in handling the machine.


Comfortable optional extras


Further comfortable detailed solutions such as an attachment that can be folded down and fixed, the conical trough shape and attractive design complete the overall picture of the PS series, PS being the abbreviation for Professional Spreader. This is one reason why the "Profi" magazine already presented the first spreader in the 12/2012 issue ("Fertilising by weight with PS").


The models of the PS series are already available on the market.



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