Even more equipment for versatile requirements



With an overhead loading auger for grain and new covering systems for the cargo space, Strautmann is expanding the range of applications for the Aperion conveyor belt wagon.


On the occasion of the Agritechnnica 2015, Strautmann presented the Aperion conveyor belt wagon, which, with its continuously running rubber belt, offers a unique concept in the field of multifunctional transport technology. In order to further exploit the almost unlimited scope of applications of the machine, Strautmann is now offering further interesting additional options.



One new equipment option is an overhead loading auger for grain and grain maize, which is mounted at the rear of the vehicle. For this purpose, the standard tailgate of the wagon is replaced by a tail part with overhead loading auger. Powering is effected mechanically by means of the tractor's p.t.o. shaft, due to which a delivery rate of up to 450 tons per hour is reached with an auger diameter of 500 mm. Thus, the Aperion can replace a conventional grain auger wagon.


A separate on-board hydraulic system supplies the hydraulic functions of the overhead loading auger with oil; they are operated via a separate control terminal. The scope of delivery also comprises a camera system, which ensures a good overview and visibility into the cargo space of the removal vehicles when using the auger. Furthermore, the hydraulic swivel mechanism is a special feature of the overhead loading auger. Due to this mechanism, the entire tail part can be opened as far as to ensure that grain can be discharged even without using the auger. Thus, the Aperion cannot only be used for loading but also for removal during grain harvesting.


As further additional options, covers for the cargo space are also available now. A hydraulically swivelling mesh cover, which is particularly helpful for the transport of silage without any losses, can be ordered. It can be mounted together with fixed or hydraulically telescoping silage extensions. Furthermore, a watertight tarpaulin cover, which runs lengthwise over the cargo space, is available for the transport of grain, potatoes, etc. Due to the hydraulic operation, the Aperion can be completely covered from the tractor cabin without having to dismount.



Aperion 1: The new overhead loading auger makes the Aperion the all-round talent in grain harvesting.


Aperion Conveyor belt wagon1













Aperion 2: The tail part can be hydraulically opened to discharge grain even without using the overhead loading auger.


Aperion Conveyor belt wagon2











Aperion 3: The new sliding cover is hydraulically actuated and ensures watertight covering of the cargo space. 


Aperion Conveyor belt wagon3



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