New vertical fodder mixing wagon Verti-Mix 3101


With the new towed vertical fodder mixing wagon Verti-Mix 3101, Strautmann rounds off its formerly existing product portfolio of fodder mixing wagons with 2 mixing augers.


The new fodder mixing wagon Verti-Mix 3101 with two vertical mixing augers excels by the proven and patented extension concept and offers a large-sized fodder mixing wagon that grows along with growing dairy farms.

Just like its smaller fellow models, the new Verti-Mix 3101 combines optimum mixing quality, flexibility and easy towing with the proven reliability. The 2 Vario mixing augers establish the basic prerequisite for an ideally homogeneous feed ration which healthy high-performance dairy cattle require. An optional magnetic system at the mixing augers additionally supports animal health. Metallic impurities are filtered off the feed ration. Due to a large number of discharge options, the Strautmann fodder mixing wagons can be adapted to any kind of customised conditions. The new Verti-Mix 3101 is available with immediate effect.


A fodder mixing wagon that grows with your needs - This was the requirement on which the development of the new Verti-Mix generation was focused and which is successfully continued with the Verti-Mix 3101 model. A patented container embossing at the top container edge ensures maximum stability of the mixing container, thus creating the basis for the innovative extension concept. To enable a growth of the container capacity, extensions of 180 mm and 360 mm in height are available for all Verti-Mix models. The inner overflow ring is part of the standard equipment.

The basic version of the Verti-Mix 3101 model has a mixing capacity of 25.0 m3 and can be extended to a volume of 28.0 m3 or 31.0 m3 by the respective extension. The Verti-Mix 3101 standard model is equipped with a tandem chassis such that a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 18,000 kg can be reached. The tandem axle can be fitted with optional follow-up steering.

As reliability in daily use of feeding technology on 365 days a year is of vital importance, all components of the Strautmann fodder mixing wagons have been designed for maximum mixing capacity and toughest operating conditions.


A wide range of optional discharge variants for all Verti-Mix models completes the Strautmann product portfolio of vertical fodder mixing wagons. The Verti-Mix 3101 can e.g. be used for bedding cubicles and deep-litter stables when fitted with the well-known fast bedding roller or the straw blower.


The new generation of Strautmann Verti-Mix fodder mixing wagons will be exhibited at the

EuroTier 2014, hall 27, booth D16.



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