New Multiscale control set for controlling weighing and machine functions on towed fodder mixing wagons


The new Strautmann Multiscale control set enables wireless control of all weighing and machine functions on the towed fodder mixing wagon via a radio terminal.


On the occasion of the EuroTier 2014 in Hanover, Strautmann is presenting a new control set for towed fodder mixing wagons to the international professional audience. The new Multiscale control set enables the customer to control all hydraulic functions of the fodder mixing wagon via radio, the control set simultaneously serving as an adequate weighing system. In future, the Multiscale control set will be available for all towed Strautmann fodder mixing wagons.

The Multiscale control set has been developed in close cooperation with PTM and is available as an alternative to the existing weighing devices and control sets of the hydraulic functions.

All electro-hydraulic functions of the fodder mixing wagon are wirelessly operated and controlled via the Multiscale control set by means of backlit membrane keys. A charging cradle on the tractor or the loading vehicle supplies the accumulators of the control set with power. The only thing required for the power supply is an additional 3-pole socket. The integrated weighing device is fully programmable and can be equipped with an optional function for data transfer to the feeding management programme via USB stick. Up to 100 feeding recipes with up to 50 components each can be generated on the control set or optionally by means of the management software on the PC.

Easy, intuitive operation, simple handling and a clear design are the special features of the Multiscale control set. All functions and weights are clearly visible on the coloured display.

The future is wireless. With the new Multiscale control set, Strautmann follows new paths in wireless communication between control set and machine. Gain of comfort due to the connection between weighing device and machine operation in one set is the most important benefit offered by the new Multiscale control set.

The Multiscale will be exhibited at the EuroTier 2014, hall 27, booth D16.        


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