New TS manure spreaders by Strautmann in flatbed design




With the TS 1601, Strautmann is expanding the manure spreader product portfolio by another vehicle design with narrow trough, large tyres and two upright spreading beaters.


With its wide-range product portfolio and many years of experience in the construction of manure spreaders, Strautmann is an absolute expert in this field. In order to meet customer requirements even better, the programme is expanded by the new TS 1601 model in flatbed design. The trough being conically tapered from top to bottom, this design enables very large tyres with low charging height.


The TS 1601 has a particularly robust design. The spreader trough is made of 4 mm steel plate and provides a high degree of stability due to its canted shape and an additional centre stake. The entire bottom, the platform and the mechanically suspended drawbar are galvanised for long service life. The transport floor consists of two robust, 16 mm strong round steel chains and is powered by large-sized sprockets.


The spreading unit is equipped with two vertically mounted spreading beaters with a diameter of 880 mm, which evenly distribute the manure across an operating width of approx. 8 m. The large-sized beaters and the spreading unit clearance of 1650 mm ensure a high throughput rate.


The vehicle is fitted with a BPW axle which has a cross section of 150 x 150 mm, a track of 2200 mm and a brake of 410 x 180 mm for maximum loads. Tyres of up to size 710/70 R 42 can be mounted to keep the ground pressure and the rolling resistance as low as possible. The TS 1601 is designed for a gross vehicle weight of 16 t when working in the field; for German road traffic use the gross vehicle weight rating is 14 t.


Further models of the TS series will follow in the near future. Furthermore, there will be other options such as e.g. a disc spreading unit. The TS 1601 will be available in spring 2018 as the first model of the new series.




TS 1601: The TS 1601 is the beginning of the new Strautmann series of flatbed spreaders with two upright spreading beaters, large tyres and low charging height. In series, the machine receives the familiar red-green color as well as a further optimized design. 


TS Stalldungstreuer


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