Johannes van der Veen Niebert, The Netherlands

 Number of cows: 120,2 milking robots

Area of Holding: 115 ha,400 kW biogas plant


„The fodder for 120 cows is mixed within 6 minutes.“


Johannes van der Veen manages his dairy farm in the Netherlands with the help of one permanent employee and 2 temporary employees. Milking is done by 2 milking robots such that he is free to take care of the feeding of his 120 milk cows and of the farm-owned biogas plant.


„As far as feeding is concerned, we are very carefully watching the price development of the individual fodders.If low-priced alternatives to the classic fodders are available on the market, we will be able to quickly react thanks to our Verti-Mix 2000 Double,“ manager Johannes van der Veen explains the advantages of his mixing vehicle. „The mixing vehicle must be able to quickly and homogeneously mix all fodders, it should not destroy the fodder structure from the animal-physiological point of view and its power requirement should be low.


Compared to the mixing vehicle used in the past, I have been able to reduce the diesel consumption by 10l / day thanks to the Strautmann vertical mixer. Apart from the smooth running of the machine, this is above all due to the quick mixing.With a 95 HP tractor, I mix my feed ration for 120 cows within 6 minutes, and that without any downtimes on365 days a year“, van der Veen continues. „Due to its widely designed discharge devices, the machine is quicklyemptied after each feeding process; this avoids heating-up of forage particularly occurring in summer.“


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