Johann Ostenried, Pforzen, Germany

 Number of cows: 110 with 9.500 kg at 4,2 % of fat and 3,7% of protein

Area of Holding: 100 ha, 60 ha thereof being grassland,

Fodders used: grass silage, maize silage, grain maize, wheat barley, soya, rape, mineral feed


„A fodder mixing vehicle is used on 365 days a year. Reliability and a shortdistance to the dealer are on top of the requirements list“


The Ostenried farm is situated in the Bavarian village of Pforzen. Father and son have specialized in keeping and raising Braunvieh breed and are known for the quality of their cattle far beyond the boundaries of their administrative district. Fodder mixing vehicles have been used on the Ostenried farm for approx. 12 years to achieve the excellent animal performance. „First, we used a horizontal mixer“, Ostenried reports, „due to its easy towing, its gentle fodder treatment and its robust body, we chose a Strautmann vertical mixer in 2006.“


Due to an operational expansion, the first mixing vehicle was replaced by a larger model with a capacity of 21m3. „Compared to the vertical mixers equipped with one auger, two-auger vertical mixers have the advantage that they mix more quickly and have a lower loading height. This saves important minutes every day, because the fodder mixing vehicle is used on 365 days a year.“

That was the reason for the Ostenrieds to buy a Strautmann mixing vehicle at the local dealer Nothelfer. „Quickpaths and short reaction times are extremely important in today‘s dairy farming“, Ostenried concludes.


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