Stanislaw Grygier; Wonieść, Poland


Number of cows: 1.100 (800 heifers)

Average milk yield: 8.750L

Machine: Verti-Mix 1700 Double and VM 2400 Double


 „On a modern dairy farm, a Strautmann Verti-Mix is a must!“


The farm of Stanislaw Grygier can only confirm the advantages of a Strautmann Verti-Mix. He has been using two Verti-Mix Double with a capacity of 17m³ and 24m³ for five years.


After only one year of service of the VM 1700 Double (YOM 2004), it was self-evident for him to invest in a VM2400 Double (YOM 2005) to strengthen the operational capacity of his farm.There were alluring offers of competitors, but the convincing Strautmann service and the effective and exact work result achieved by the Strautmann mixing vehicles did not leave any other alternative but to keep to Strautmann.


„When mechanizing a modern farm, the Strautmann fodder mixing vehicle is an absolute must“, says Grygier. As far as this technology is concerned, Grygier is delighted „not only by the positive influence of the mixing vehicle on the picking-up of fodder and the milk yield, but also by the newly available capacities of the employees“.


Grygier also especially appreciates the design of the Verti-Mix thought out down to the last detail: „In spite of 8operating hours of each mixing vehicle on 365 days a year, a feeding process has never been had to be delayedbecause of mixing vehicle problems.“ Grygier is convinced that these machines have excellently stood theirtest and that there is only one brand for him - Strautmann!


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