Westrup-Koch Milch GbR, Bissendorf

Number of cows: approx. 500 with 11.722 kg at 3,85 % of fat and 3,42% of protein

Area of Holding: 690 ha, 145 ha thereof being grassland, 180 ha of maize, the remainder for market fruit growing and seed propagation

Fodders used: grass silage, maize silage, brewers grain, sugar beet chips, soya, rape, grain maize, wheat, straw


 „In particular the excellent mixing quality together with maximum fodder protectionby the Strautmann Verti-Mix 2000 Double convinced us.“

The Westrup-Koch Milch GbR is situated in Bissendorf, Lower Saxony. Apart from farming (seed propagation),milk production and cattle breeding are the main pillars of the business.

Fodder mixing vehicles have been used on the Westrup farm since 1991, because „preparation of a mixed rationis indispensable in order to achieve such high-level performances“, manager Ulrich Westrup explains. Paddlemixers were used for a long time before purchasing a Verti-Mix 2000 Double in 2008. „As far as the powerrequirement and the costs (costs of purchase, service and maintenance) are concerned, vertical mixers outclass horizontal mixers. We are especially pleased by the protection of the fodder thanks to this mixing technique, as the fodder is not only quickly mixed, but is also treated gently“, Westrup continues: „The vicinity to our dealer as well as technical features of the Strautmann Verti-Mix convinced us. The fodder mixing vehicle is used on 365 days a year; you should choose the best solution here.“



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