Thomas Steele, Kircubbin–Northern Ireland

 Number of cows: 375

Machine: Verti-Mix 2400 Double


„The improved consistency of the mix in our twin auger VM 2400 has helped toimprove our butterfats.“


Says Thomas Steele who milks 375 cows with his Brother Samuel and their Father William Steele at Kircubbin,near Newtownards,Northern Ireland. “We changed our 14cu m paddle mixer for a Strautmann 24cu m twinvertical auger diet feeder last December as the previous paddle machine was too slow. We were also unhappywith the consistency of the mix from the paddle mixer – if you filled it past half way, the mixing ability droppedright away - so it was taking most of the day to feed the cattle. We’ve been particularly impressed with the consistency of the mix with the Strautmann; we also like the labour saving it provides. We have cut feeding time by up to two hours a day during the winter; it now takes only 15 minutes to chop down the bales and mix-in the other ingredients. It’s quick to unload; feed-out takes only 5 minutes with a typical 7 tonne mix including turns and so on. Our precision chopped silage is 30% dry matter and a 7 tonne mix suits our current batches, but we have had 11 tonnes in with no problems. Unlike our old paddle mixer, the straw never wraps around the auger shafts; thankfully we’ve now stopped having to spend time between each feed un-wrapping straw from the paddle mixer shaft. The Strautmann processes the mix to the point where the cows cannot separate out the ingredients. So they clean-up well and the controlled length of the chopped fodder in the mix helps their rumination – so much so that year on year, our June butterfats were up from 3.38 to 4.15. We are very pleased with the Strautmann. We did try another make of vertical mixer before we bought this one, but it was too low and threw out feed and the tub shape meant that feed deposits were sticking in the angled corners. The tub floors on the Strautmann are scraped clean very effectively. After 1300 loads, we’ve not needed to sharpen the knives. We’ve had no need to call ourdealer out as the machine is very reliable.



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