Vereinigte Agrarbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG Seydaland,Germany


Number of cows: approx. 2.400

with 10.818 kg (4,08% of fat, 3,42% of protein)


 „At times, our fodder mixing vehicles are used up to 16 hours a day, therefore itis crucial to have no downtimes.“

The Vereinigte Agrarbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG Seydaland are one of the biggest dairy farms in Europe. Today,about 2360 milk cows are kept on a total of 4 dairy farms in Seyda, Elster, Gadegast and Battin.


Apart from dairy farming, cattle breeding as well as the production of pigs, biogas and asparagus are other pillars of this large enterprise.

Since 2002, the individual farms of the Vereinigte Agrarbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG have successively been changing over to Strautmann vertical mixers. This represents in particular an improvement for the staff‘s daily work, because adjustment procedures are now a thing of the past. „When choosing the mixing vehicle, the excellent mixing quality of these vehicles played an important role“, manager Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Rabe emphasizes: „Sometimes up to 16 different components must be processed in a mixture.“ Only when selection by the animals themselves is avoided here can they be fed according to their needs. This requires a certain sensitivity when choosing the right mixing vehicle. The paddle mixing system used on the farms in the past quickly reached its limits especially when processing highly-structured fodder components.The used vertical mixers excel by quick mixing while preserving the fodder structure; this not only stimulates ruminating, it is also a pleasure for the users‘ wallet in times of constantly increasing energy costs.


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