Mr. Allan Bendtsen,Dairy Farmer, Bedsted (area), Denmark


Numbers of cows: 125

Area of Holding: 105 ha

Machine: Verti-Mix 2000 Double in use from January 2004

Fodders used: grass maize (corn), whole crop, concentrates, straw


„A 100% reliability – low maintenance cost – top service.”


Reliability: Since the first working day, the vertical mixer has not had one single stop.It is very important for me that I can relay 100% that the machine is working. We have not had any brake-downsince we took the machine into use.


Low maintenance cost: The average cost for service, drift and maintenance is 286e per year.Believe it or not – the local Straumann Service centre has made service every year and the cost has an averageof 286e per year. The only thing that is not calculated into this price is the time we use for greasing.


Excellent mixing quality: The mixing quality is very satisfying. Without compromising of the quality, we have avery low time for mixing. With the Strautmann Verti-Mix we save time and get the best quality of food.


Other: To point out other benefits of the Strautmann Verti-Mix 2000 Double, I can mention things like:


· Low loading height

· Simple construction

· Low power enquiry

· No daily maintenance (we grease every 3 months)

· Local service



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