Smoother running and less wear



With a new spreading beater drive via cardan shafts, Strautmann is offering a new option for the universal spreaders of the VS series.


With the universal spreaders of the VS series, Strautmann has been offering robust and powerful machines for contractors and large agricultural enterprises for years. In order to meet the practical requirements, the spreaders are continually being developed further.


On the occasion of the Agritechnica 2017, Strautmann is therefore presenting a new cardan shaft drive of the universal spreading unit for the entire VS series. Here, the power is transferred to the spreading beaters by flanged angular gears which are linked to each other by means of cardan shafts. This drive is already known from the larger PS series and has proved its worth there for years. Compared to the standard chain drive, it excels by considerably smoother running and minimum wear. Furthermore, the amount of maintenance required is reduced to a minimum.


The drive unit is protected against foreign objects by means of a cam-type cut-out clutch which transfers a torque of 1350 Nm. Moreover, both spreading discs are protected by two other separate cam-type cut-out clutches, in order to keep the torque loads in the power train low. The cardan shaft drive for the manure spreaders of the VS series will be available for the 2018 season for all VS models.



Cardan drive: The new cardan drive for the VS universal spreaders ensures minimum amount of maintenance required and wear.



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