Strautmann knife protection system

with quick release

Foreign objects in the swathe may damage the entire knife blade. The Strautmann knife protection system with quick release protects the knife already upon first contact with the foreign object by swivelling it out of the duct.

Foreign object encounters the blade.

Mode of functioning of the protection system:

1. Force 1: The rotor presses the foreign object against the knife

2. Force 2: The knife transmits this force to the carrier ring which tends to turn backwards. The spring-loaded positioning roller of the response threshold acts as counterforce.聽聽聽

3. If force 2 is larger than the force of the response threshold, the

knife swivels out of its position.

4. Behind the response

threshold, the positioning roller rolls on the outer edge of the carrier ring.

The spring is not further tensioned and no counterforce counteracts the swivelling motion = blade is no longer damaged.


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