Strautmann silo block cutter

– a success story




Strautmann presents the first silo block cutter

to the public. The Silofox transformed the picking-up of silage within a few years.




The block cutter programme is expanded by the two spaders Hydrofx HV and HVG, where the hydraulic spade blade is manually moved in the silo block.




The first fully hydraulic silo block cutter

Hydrofox F/H is put into practice. This is the first time no manual work is required.




With the first U-block cutter, the Hydrofox HP, Strautmann presents a silo block cutter which picks up absolutely rectangular silage blocks from the bunker silo.






The Hydrofox HD with a vertical two-sided knife (for an even more consistent cut) and guiding frame replaces the F / FH machines.




HT is the designation of the HP successor.

This silo block cutter operates by means of a two-sided knife cutting arm which was intended to ensure a faster cut.





The Hydrofox HK, the successor model of the Hydrofox HT, is put into operation. This machine is equipped with a completely new knife drive - the so-called power block, which makes the cutting arm slimmer and extremely powerful.




The Hydrofox HX is fitted with an even

slimmer arm than the HK. For the reduction of

corrosion, a silo block cutter is available with

stainless steel knives for the first time.




On the occasion of the AgriTechnica, Strautmann presents its new HQ, with a max. capacity of 2.8 m3.



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