Silver medal for Verti-Mix Fast-Cut

On the occasion of the EuroTier 2012, the family-owned company B. Strautmann & S枚hne GmbH u. Co. KG is presenting to the public an innovative picking-up concept for self-propelled wagons with capacities of 11.0 - 13.0 m鲁. This picking-up system is a combination of picking-up by cutting unit and downstream conveyor drum. The development focused on combining the advantages of these two systems in a single solution.

Selbstfahrer Fast-Cut

Fast-Cut self-propelled model In recent years, fodder picking-up by means of a pick-up milling cutter has gained general acceptance for self-propelled fodder mixing wagons, mainly for reasons of high process performance. These devices usually offer engine outputs from 125 kW / 170 HP.

On the occasion of the EuroTier 2012, Strautmann is presenting a new series of self-propelled fodder mixing wagons called "Fast-Cut". These wagons are equipped with an innovative, awarded picking-up system representing a combination of a cutting unit and downstream conveyor drum. The special feature of this system is its suitability for all kinds of fodder, its high picking-up performance and the extremely low power required to achieve this performance. The picking-up system consists of a 2 m wide high-performance cutting unit with a downstream conveyor drum with a width of 2 m. This drum accelerates the fodder and conveys it to the centrally located elevator conveyor which immediately transports the picked-up silage to the mixing container. Furthermore, the conveyor drum loosens the fodder such that it can be mixed quickly. Due to this awarded picking-up procedure, the farmer is able to take advantage of both picking-up systems (cutting unit and conveyor drum) in a single machine.

These advantages are in particular:

聽*聽 The clean, smooth cut surface shape

Due to picking-up by a cutting unit, the Verti-Mix SF "Fast-Cut" leaves an extremely smooth cut surface.

This clean, smooth cut surface has a very positive effect on maintaining the silage quality; reheating (loss of silage quality) processes in case of normal feed at the silo are therefore now a thing of the past.

When picking-up loose bulk material the cutting unit may incidentally be swivelled such that mealy components, e.g. grain, can be picked up solely by means of the conveyor drum.

聽*聽 High picking-up performance with low power required

聽Due to the combination of conveyor drum and upstream cutting unit, the power required can be significantly reduced. For this reason, Strautmann uses a 103 kW / 140 HP John Deere diesel engine for the self-propelled fodder mixing wagons of the "Fast-Cut" series. This combination of "Fast-Cut" picking-up and 103 kW diesel engine permits filling performances which can be compared to picking-up performances by milling cutter at higher engine outputs.

聽*聽 Attractive purchase price

Self-propelled fodder mixing wagons of the "Fast-Cut" series have been designed for dairy farms with more than 80 dairy cows. For this reason, Strautmann components / features such as online monitoring and computer support, have been omitted for the Verti-Mix SF "Fast-Cut" series.

Although the equipment of the standard self-propelled wagons of the "Fast-Cut" series is very functional, they are available in various equipment versions, i.e. adaptable to individual operating conditions.

This includes several speed, equipment or lighting packages which can be selected according to customer request and requirements.

For ease of operation, Strautmann offers optional LED packages in the "Fast-Cut" series as well to make work easier for the user, in particular during the dark autumn and winter months.

Self-propelled wagons of the "Fast-Cut" series are available in the sizes 11 and 13 m鲁, market availability is provided for summer 2013 .


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