Fast bedding roller as functional supplement on the fodder mixing wagon

Strautmann fodder mixing wagon also perfect for dust-free bedding in the cubicle house


On the occasion of the Agritechnica, Strautmann presented a supplementary feature for the Verti-Mix fodder mixing wagon, the so-called fast bedding roller. Due to this functional supplement, the fodder mixing wagon cannot only be used for mixing fodder, but also for dust-free spreading of various, mixed bedding materials in cubicle houses.


Apart from milking and feeding, bedding in the cubicle houses is the third important column in daily work on dairy farms. A high-yield cow requires up to 2 kg of bedding material every day , which means more than 6 t / month on a farm with 100 cows.

 Strautmann Einstreuwalze


In practice, the bedding material for the cows is spread manually or by means of special spreading devices which are not able to mix, though. If various bedding substrates such as straw, peat, sawdust, horse dung and lime are used nowadays, they are usually mixed in the fodder mixing wagon and then distributed in the stable manually or by means of a spreading device.

Strautmann has therefore designed the so-called fast bedding roller. It is mounted next to the crossover conveyor of the mixing wagon and can be swivelled. The mixing wagon can thus be used both for feeding (fast bedding roller swivelled down) and for bedding (fast bedding roller swivelled up), without the user being forced to compromise for one of these two working procedures.

The speed of the hydraulically powered fast bedding roller is variable which enables different spreading widths of up to 8 m for most various bedding materials  without formation of dust, as the bedding material is not blown but only thrown. A fodder mixing wagon equipped with a fast bedding roller therefore allows the distribution of bedding material in a double row of cubicles from one side during one passage through the stable. Spreading bedding material in each single row of cubicles required so far by the solutions using special bedding devices is no longer necessary.

The Strautmann fodder mixing wagons of the Verti-Mix and Verti-Mix Double series equipped with a crossover conveyor discharge can, of course, be retrofitted with the fast bedding roller.

On dairy farms with a stable accessible by vehicles (slatted floor accessible by vehicles or continuous solid surface), supplementing a fodder mixing wagon by adding a fast bedding roller is the only option to mix and discharge the required bedding material with one single machine.

 Strautmann Einstreuwalze

The use of prototypes in various practical businesses has reduced the time required for bedding by 60%.

Strautmann Fast bedding roller The great time advantage is mainly due to the fact that it is not necessary to discharge the mixed bedding material in front of the stable before using another technology to distribute it in the stable, but that it can be directly distributed in the cubicles from the mixing wagon.

Due to this fact, the physical effort required by the bedding procedure is considerably reduced, compared to any other solutions used so far, as complete work steps can be dropped. Interim discharge and recharge as well as the exact distribution in the cubicle are no longer necessary.

Manual work is no longer required, as the speed of the fast bedding roller is variable which enables easy distribution of the mixed bedding material from the tractor's seat over the entire cubicle depth.

Better lying behaviour (the cows rather prefer lying down in a comfortable cubicle) and an improved udder health (cubicle material in perfect hygienic condition) confirm the positive effect of a well-bedded cubicle on the cows, and all this with much less work and reduced physical stress for the user.


The Strautmann fast bedding roller therefore represents an ideal option for the future-oriented willing-to-grow dairy farm for spreading most various bedding substrates for its animals quickly, with little manual work and at low costs, and all that using a machine which is available on its farm anyway – the fodder mixing wagon.


Fast bedding roller for dust-free bedding



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