CFS - Notice the advantages

Continous-Flow-System (CFS)

Continous-Flow System (CFS)

Strautmann forage wagons have a lower drag resistance than those of the competitors.

"CFS" still increases this advantage as experience of recent years has taught us. It is the continuous material flow, "Continuous Flow", which makes the difference.

Geringer Leistungsbedarf
Low power requirement

The newly developed pick-up and the "CFS drum" disperse the swathe (spreading-out effect) and feed it over its entire width to the rotor and the cutting unit. The rotor which is mounted by 100 mm higher conveys the pre-wilted green fodder through the correspondingly shortened conveyor duct into the cargo space thus saving energy and reducing the power requirement by approx. 10%.

Optimale Ausladung
Optimum filling degree

The material is loaded into the cargo space over its entire width thus improving the filling degree. We measured 10% more weight per cubic metre several times. The tonnage is important, not the volume of the cargo space.

Hohe Fl盲chenleistung
High acreage performance

A better filling degree also involves a higher acreage performance. The areas to be harvested can be cleared more quickly and the fodder is taken faster into the silo. After all, time is money.

Beste Bodenanpassung
Optimum adaptation to ground

Due to the design of the CFS drum, the pick-up is in a very flat position, such that the pressure exerted on the roller feelers is very low which enables the pick-up to better adapt to the ground structure.

Furthermore, the green fodder is continuously and gently picked up due to the V-shaped helical arrangement of the pick-up tines.

Schonung der Antriebe
Protection of drives

Due to the homogeneous and continuous flow of material, the CFS conveying unit runs very smoothly, such that there are hardly any peak loads. And if there are no peak loads, the complete drive unit will be exempted from "suffering" thus ensuring a long service life of the conveying unit and therefore of the entire forage wagon.

L盲ngere Messerstandzeiten
Longer service life of knives

Grinding of knives: Only if it's worth doing! The spreading-out effect ensures a more even load of the knives. "CFS" allows considerably longer grinding intervals. Grinding all knives is worth doing if all knives are blunt. Grinding all knives if only the central knives were blunt? ... grinding only the central ones? ... interchanging the exterior and interior ones?


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